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Jun 23, 2014

Anonymous said: well then i am kate and i have real nice boobies. and a huge diamond around my neck. #thuglife

I have a strange sinking feeling in my stomach about this whole situation.. I feel like it’s gonna be a titanic failure, but whatever floats your boat.. 

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Anonymous said: can you draw me like one your dusty old french girls?

hahah yes!
I take it as a compliment that I am leo dicaprio in this particular scenario.

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mixtapesmosquito said: love your art... what inspires you?

Oh thank you very much! Largely music, I write and play music as well as doing art and so the two tend to creatively intertwine in my head and I associate visuals with my music and music with my art, but I also find inspiration in my life and the things that go on around me and often my work has very personal significance, albeit shrouded in the mess of my mind and style of drawing. Other artists I also get inspiration from are: John Dyer Baizley, Chet Zar, Marilyn Mansons watercolours, Goya and obviously Tim Burton, but I also like to keep my eye out for local artists or small time artists over the internet like myself to see what everyone else is doing and see if it inspires me to experiment with new mediums or techniques.

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kuunstler said: You are such an amazing artist I love your style!!! I'm going to go spam you now haha

oh thank you so much that’s lovely to hear! and please do! it’s great to see people actually appreciate the stuff I spend my time on! 

"The flower saw it all"
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"The flower saw it all"


'The Fox'bySludgepuppyred
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'The Fox'


Yeah, I’ll be moving to Scandinavia one day to exist where I belong, and you’re coming with me, and we will have two pet crows Hugginn and Munninn… And we will just spend the days drinking tea and looking out into the snow and drawing and playing lame music and doing little acoustic gigs with ukelele and guitar at little coffee shops and stuff in Scandinavia… Deal with it.
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If this doesn’t sound like the perfect life to anyone else I don’t even care, but you’re wrong and may all your tea be cold and bitter and flavourless forever.

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Mar 20, 2014 / 6 notes
Back at uni and brain is busy.. but here’s proof I’m getting back to my art!
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Back at uni and brain is busy.. but here’s proof I’m getting back to my art!

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When you listen to a song and it totally just wrecks you. Oh jeez this never happens. What the hell.

Rory- foxing

This is all your fault sludgepuppyred HAHA

It’s infectious, But soooo goooooodddd!!
Gotta embrace the emotions!

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